Monday, April 30, 2012

Prayer for Cook Islands, Niue, Pitcairn, and Tokelau: A 365 Day Global Prayer Journey - April 30 (Day 121)

Today we visit another patch of islands in Polynesia - islands all related in some way to New Zealand. Please read pages 278-280. These islands may be tiny, but God still calls them to worship Him! I'm so grateful He sees not only the large masses of people, but the tiny clusters as well.

My prayer for today: Lord, thank You for the gospel translation into Tokelau. We pray it will impact their walk with You and that the rest of the Bible will be completed. Use Your Word to transform these islands. We praise You for shutting down the money-laundering offshore banking, and we pray You will raise up Christian businessmen who can help creative just and righteous work opportunities. We thank You for the Christian legacy but we pray for revival Lord. Restore Your Word to a prominent place so that they can fight the lies of the cults. We pray for those who go to New Zealand to remember their homelands and seek true development to make a long-term difference on the islands. In Jesus' name, amen.

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