Saturday, February 23, 2008

Moveable Treasure

And now, if you will diligently listen to me and keep my covenant, then you will be my special possession out of all the nations, for all the earth is mine (Ex. 19:5)
In Christ we too have been claimed as God’s own possession, since we were predestined according to the one purpose of him who accomplishes all things according to the counsel of his will (Eph. 1:11)

Somewhere inside us, we all want roots.

Even "Army brats" who grow up moving from place to place express frustration at times with the lack of depth in any one place. We tend to find a place we like and camp there.

So if you've committed to a life of "anywhere, anytime, God" service, you may find yourself uprooted against your will ... even though you thought you surrendered that will to Him. You may push against the goads, thinking that you could do so much where you are if He'd just leave you there a little longer. Your heart may cry out for roots even while your spirit surrenders to His wings.

If that's where you find yourself tonight, take heart: God called you to be His moveable treasure.
When God said Israel was His "special possession" - later applied to believers in the Ephesians passage above - the Hebrew word segullah literally means "moveable treasure". The word is in contrast to real estate or other possessions that cannot be moved. We are more like diamonds than property! We are God's treasure that He can move around.
It's normal to want roots. But home is where He is. When you "abide" in Him that literally means to make your home there. Wherever your feet are planted, your heart's home is already established.
You're His moveable treasure. Make Him your fixed home, and see what kingdom fruit results!

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