Friday, February 08, 2008

Cyd Mizell - latest from ARLDF.NET

This latest "non-update" from ARLDF should remind us to continue praying fervently for Cyd. For me personally it was also a reminder to pray equally fervently for her driver. It's easy to focus on someone from "our" country - but her driver in many ways faces greater danger as an Afghan working with an aid agency. Let's lift Muhammad Hadi up as fervently as we lift up Cyd Mizell.

From ARLDF.NET ...

DATE: Friday, Feb. 8

We continue to appreciate the calls, emails and expressions of interest and concern many of you have sent regarding our employees, Cyd Mizell and Muhammad Hadi. We remain concerned for their safety and well being and want to see the situation resolved with their release as soon as possible.

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