Monday, February 18, 2008

Becoming Who You Are

I confess - I sometimes love sweet, sappy movies -- especially those with a great point. That's why The Princess Diaries is one of my favorites!

In the movie, Mia is a homely, awkward teenager who suddenly discovers that she is really a princess - her grandmother is the queen of Genovia (played perfectly by Julie Andrews). Grandma wants to give Mia the chance to decide whether to pursue her heritage as princess and future queen, or to reject the opportunity.

Much of the movie consists of Mia's efforts to be transformed from a nerdy young woman into a princess. Sometimes the efforts are humorous, as when Mia trips and falters in her evening attire. Other times they are sad, as when she embarasses herself at a dinner party by setting the ambassador's sleeve on fire. And occasionally they are dramatic - when Mia's classmates see her new hair for the first time, they are truly amazed at the transformation. Through it all, Grandma encourages Mia that the Princess Lessons are really all about helping her "become who you are" -- and she reminds her that even if she rejects the heritage of becoming Queen, "you cannot reject who you are".

I sat amazed at the parallels to our struggles with sanctification. Truly, the picture that we "become who we are" is what sanctification is all about. We are counted righteous in Christ -- His righteousness is credited to our account -- but the rest of our lives are this process called sanctification, where He causes us to look more like Him on the outside. The imputed righteousness becomes realized righteousness one painstaking lesson at a time. Like Mia, we sometimes have humorous results, other times sad and embarassing -- and occasionally dramatic. Always we can see the results more clearly from a long, reflective view than we can in the midst of the day-to-day struggles. And if we throw in the towel for a while, we can never reject who we are -- the Holy Spirit won't let us be happy until we take up the lessons once again.

What hard "princess" or "princely" lessons are you learning today? Is life on the field making you long to give up the heritage of faith that you picked up from those who paved the way for you? Do you feel wholly inadequate to follow in the footsteps of the Hudson Taylors, the William Careys, the Lottie Moons? If so, remember that you are in the process of becoming who you are. Our Lord knows what needs to happen for you to reflect His image and achieve the good works He has laid out before you.

Don't give up. You can reject this assignment, but you'll never be able to reject who you are.

And at the heart of it all, who you are, is His!

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Anonymous said...

Very good points that we are prone
to forget. Thanks for a great piece and reminder!