Thursday, November 01, 2012

Praying for South Africa: A 365 Day Global Prayer Journey - November 1

Today we continue lift up South Africa. As we do I have a confession that I hope will be an encouragement. Despite committing to this journey for almost a year now, and praying daily for these countries and other needs ... and despite following the Lord for over 15 years now ... and despite having prayed earnestly for Bible-saturated prayers and practicing in many areas of my prayer life ... I have forgotten to apply that principle here as a general rule. I know I've included Scripture and prayed ways that are consistent with Scripture - but my heart is for my words to fall to the ground and His words to remain. I am passionate about studying His word and internalizing it, and so want His words to drip from my tongue in prayer! Yet much of the time I haven't applied that here. Only today, as I write this week's blog posts, have I realized my oversight! So what's the encouragement? Simply this: God doesn't leave us hanging when we forget lessons He's taught us. He's faithful to bring us back to the things He's trying to get through our (often thick) skulls!

Please review South Africa on pages 757-763, and let's ask God to guide our prayers together!

My prayer for today: Lord, we praise You for the miracle of change in South Africa. Thank You for abolishing apartheid and strengthening the church through prayer. Thank you for the ministries in the country and the stable government. Lord, our biggest prayer today is for the Gospel to be manifest in every way throughout society. Let the Church live out the truth that Your grace has come, bringing salvation and transformation. We pray for Christian leaders to model, and Christians to follow, an example of denying ungodliness and worldly desires as they live sensible, righteous, and godly lives within their spheres of influence. Give them a hunger to look toward Your sure return and to see themselves as You see them - a redeemed people, being purified for Your own possession. Make them zealous for good deeds! In Jesus' name, amen.     

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