Monday, November 26, 2012

Prayers for Turkey: A 365 Day Global Prayer Journey - November 26

Today we conclude our prayers for Turkey. Please review pages 830-835.

Many of the New Testament locations are in modern-day Turkey - including all of the 7 churches of Revelation - and yet as a whole the country has rejected these roots. The church only accounts for .005% of the total population, and it is increasingly persecuted. The church needs to be united and focused on Biblical truth in order to survive. Today, let's focus our prayers on the church in Turkey using the 7 churches of Revelation as a scriptural foundation.

My prayer for today: Lord, we lift up the church in Turkey to You today. As You taught us through John centuries ago, You walk among the churches. You hold their leaders in Your hand. You are always at work among them, observing, shaping, correcting, growing. We pray for the church in Turkey - and each individual congregation - to know this truth about You deeply. We pray for them to realize they follow You, the faithful witness, and that You lead them into all truth and through all trials. We pray for them to be an overcoming church, as these verses describe: that they will practice righteous deeds; reject evil; test all claims against truth; persevere for Your name without growing weary; love You and others; endure tribulation and poverty without compromise. Enable them to remain faithful to death; hold fast to Your name without denying You in word or deed; reject idolatry; reject immorality; and complete all the deeds You give them to do. Help them remain alive and strengthened for Your purposes; use what they has; keep Your word without denying Your name; hold firmly to what You give and walk through the doors You open. May the church in Turkey be useful to Your kingdom; recognize its needs; have a proven faith; and be characterized by righteous deeds. And Lord, please give them spiritual vision; and most of all, enable them to  focus on relationship with You and not merely religion. Help them overcome, Lord Jesus, by Your grace and for Your glory.

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