Thursday, November 15, 2012

Prayers for Tajikistan: A 365 Day Global Prayer Journey - November 15

Today our prayer focus is on Tajikistan, one of the former Soviet republics in Central Asia. Please read pages 805-807.

My prayer for today: Oh Lord, like the church at Philadelphia, the Tajik church has "only a little strength", and yet who knows how powerful it truly is for Your kingdom purposes! We ask for open doors that no one can shut for the Tajik church. We pray they will continue to keep Your word and not deny Your name. We pray for You to fight against those who persecute them and reveal Your love for Your church to those who deny the truth. We pray the church will hold on to what it has, to gain victory and the crown that can never perish. We pray the Tajik church will be sensitive to every word You are saying through Your Holy Spirit. Amen, Lord Jesus, let it be.

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Arthur Roshkovski said...

Tajikistan is number 34 on the world watch list of Christian persecution. New legal restrictions introduced in 2011 are likely to increase pressure on the church. In August, a new Parental Responsibility Law was introduced which prohibits children under the age of 18 from participating in any religious activities except funerals. Although not particularly aimed against Christians, it will have a great impact on youth and children’s activities. Parents disobeying this law face heavy fines and prison sentences of up to 8 years. Amendments to the Criminal Code were also adopted, which punish with lengthy prison terms those participating in unauthorized ‘extremist religious’ teaching.


Converts from Islam come under pressure from family and society to renounce their faith. Pray for perseverance.

More than half of the population is under 18. Pray that young people will have the opportunity to hear the gospel despite the new laws.

The import and distribution of Christian literature is very restricted. Pray that God’s people will have access to the Bible.