Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Prayers for Turkmenistan: A 365 Day Global Prayer Journey - November 27

In many ways, Turkmenistan exemplifies a "closed country" - heavy restrictions on churches, required registration that is rarely granted, near-complete closure to missionaries - and yet, we can be encouraged that as in the days of Acts, God's word is always "unhindered" (the last Greek word in Acts). There are no chains on the word of God. Please read pages 836-838, and let's pray today for Turkmenistan.

My prayer for today: Lord, we are grieved when we realize the oppression of the people of Turkmenistan. We know that You long to see them free in You. We pray, as Paul did, that the Word of God would go forth speedily into Turkmenistan and that it would be honored when people hear it. We pray for the message of truth to be unhindered. You promise, Lord, that Your Word never returns void; we pray a special anointing on any portions of Your word disseminated throughout Turkmenistan. Multiply the return dramatically so that many can come to know You. We pray for the leaders of Turkmenistan, at this changing time, to realize the need to govern rightly. We pray they will make wise decisions that will enable Christians to live quiet, peaceful lives that result in the spread of the Gospel. Pour out Your grace upon them, and set them free in Jesus' name.

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