Sunday, August 19, 2012

Prayer for Madagascar: A 365 Day Global Prayer Journey (August 19)

Today we pray for Madgascar, a land rich in history and ecology, yet desperately poor and in need of spiritual and economic development. As you read about Madagascar on pages 548-551, notice how the predominant spiritist culture, inherited from the Malagasy folk religion, is reflected in the church. Every Christian comes to Christ from within his or her own culture, and as churches develop it's important to be cautious to recognize the Biblical and unbiblical elements of our culture and guard against letting the church simply be another form of the culture. At the same time, there are cultural keys and links that can be helpful in spreading the Gospel. As we pray for Madgascar today, let's focus on the churches.

My prayer for today: Lord, thank You for what You have done in Madagascar. Thank You for the church growth and the movement of the Holy Spirit. We pray, Lord, for the church to be Biblical. We pray that the spiritist culture will transform into Christians who have a keep sense of discernment and who recognize Your work and power when they see it. We pray for all growth to be soundly rooted in Scripture and uncompromising where the lines are clear. We pray for spiritual life in the churches and for unity and love to permeate between denominations. We pray against the prosperity teaching and against pride and jealousy. Unleash love, humility, and unity in the churches. We pray for strong discipleship and accessible programs that all Christians can access. We pray for teaching for the pastors and for the development of a strong Christian world view. Make a difference in Madagascar through the churches, Lord Jesus.

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