Friday, August 17, 2012

Prayer for Lithuania and Luxembourg: A 365 Day Global Prayer Journey - August 17

Housekeeping note: You may notice that Luxembourg is listed for August 16. However, since it comes alphabetically after Lithuania I have chosen to keep it with the 17th. 

Today we pray for two more small European countries. Lithuania has been emerging from the post-Soviet era  and while it was the last European country to receive the Gospel, it is filled with dynamic groups today that are walking in a high degree of unity! Sadly, it is also a hub of trafficking for prostitution in the West. Luxembourg has a strong Catholic heritage and while there is freedom of religion, visible evangelism is taboo. Please read more about these lands on pages 541-544.

My prayer for today: Lord, we thank You for the freedom and unity among the churches in Lithuania. What a great testimony for those who have yet to believe! Yet we pray against the darkness that has come in with the freedom - especially human trafficking. We confess the guilt of those who seek to consume pornography and prostitution, thus creating this demand. We pray for You to raise awareness of trafficking and give girls and young women strong wisdom and protection. We pray they will not fall victim to good-sounding schemes that are really coverings for trafficking. Lord, we pray for the church to play a key role in setting these captives free, in raising awareness and changing the mindset so that Lithuanians will not accept trafficking or the demand for it. We pray for leadership and sound biblical foundations for the churches as they navigate the new realities of Lithuania today. Lord, for Luxembourg we pray for the evangelicals to have strong leaders and Bible teaching, for Christ-centered workers and unity. We pray for Scripture in the Letzebuergesch language. We pray for the success of the one Christian bookstore in the country and ask You to raise up other ways to get Your Word and teaching into the hands of the people. Fulfill Your purposes in these nations, Lord Jesus, for they are Yours. 

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