Sunday, December 09, 2007

Senseless, Random Acts

I know many of you are grieving today.

The news out of Denver ( has shocked and hurt many of us ... especially those of you who are blessed with the larger connection to this organization. Like Wednesday's Omaha news, it is a senseless, random act of violence that reminds us of the fallen state of the world.

The real irony is that the group holds DTS's to train workers to go help people in some of the most "dangerous" parts of the world. Many of you are reading from those very areas. How many of you had to tell your family that you're more likely to be killed in a car wreck than suffer kidnapping or persecution in your "dangerous" country? This tragic news is a reminder to me - to all of us - that our safety, our security, is not in our physical location, but our spiritual one: the center of God's will.

Not that He never places us in the line of fire - but the only danger we have to fear as a believer is the danger of being outside His will. Any dangers we face within the security of His will are bearable; outside, the smallest challenge can be a tragedy.

Several years ago there was a bumper sticker floating around that read, "Commit random acts of kindness and senseless beauty." For believers in Christ, the truth of that statement is especially profound. When the world seems to be crashing around us - find ways to show kindness. When ugliness reigns, demonstrate beauty. The very words of the organization's motto - "To know Christ and make Him known" - compel us to demonstrate His kindness and beauty. Romans 5 tells us that God demonstrated His love for us by sending Jesus when we were enemies!

For all those who are most affected by this latest tragedy - please seek the healing that only comes at the foot of the cross. Seek the ability to forgive, and to show active kindness and beauty in this pain-filled world. Remember that it wasn't that long ago, from God's perspective, that we were the enemy.

Grieving with you today,


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