Monday, December 24, 2007

JOY to the World

Children's Christmas plays never cease to be filled with spiritual lessons. Last night's was no exception.

Throughout our church's children's Christmas musical, a little 2- or 3-year-old struggled to form words. She basically babbled most of the performance. However, during a modern rendition of "Joy to the World", she keyed on the one word she could easily articulate: "Joy". Throughout the song, she would just randomly pipe up "Joy" ... repeatedly.

It was darling to watch, but also reminded me of the simplicity of childlike faith. When so much is going on around us that we can't figure out or see how to join in, sometimes we need to key in on the one thing we recognize: "Joy" or "love" or "faith" or "peace", focus on Jesus, and keep repeating what we DO know!

We could all do much worse than focus on "Joy" in confusing times! Merry Christmas to you, and blessings galore from the Father's hand.

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