Thursday, October 25, 2007

Trusting God with the Little Things

Sometimes we find it easier to trust God with the big stuff than with the little stuff.

When something is completely beyond our reach - when it's obviously God-sized - then we trust Him because He is our only hope. Natural disasters, surprise physical illnesses, overwhelming financial struggles due to an economic downturn, societal change -- all are things that are largely out of our hands. We can control our response, but realize that pretty much everything else is up to God.

But what about the little things? If you're like me, you struggle with those things you can do something about. The refund you're owed for a damaged package that could be hastened by a bit of insistent pressure applied in the right place. The computer that could easily be fixed by plopping down a credit card. The job you can get by calling the right people who know the right people. And so on.

God wants us to trust Him in ALL things. Colossians says He is "all in all" and that our very lives are hid with Christ in Him. When we only trust Him for the big things, and handle the small things ourselves, we've inadvertently created a "gap" and minimized who He truly is. Yes, He's big enough for cancer - but He's also big enough for a parking spot at Wal-Mart on a rainy night.

Trust Him with all your frustrations today. Nothing is outside His realm of authority - and when your focus is His glory, He will delight to show you just how involved He can be in the details of your life!

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Anonymous said...

How true.