Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Song and Video for Cyd

Please watch this video (link) and read the lyrics below. I pray this will encourage you to pray for Cyd with fervor.


Where are you? Do you know I'm here?
All alone, full of fear.
Do you think of me?

I am a sister you don't know.
Holding on. Don't let go.
Please remember me. Please remember me.

We are alike, but worlds apart.
The chains cannot contain your heart.
I'll remember you.

I am a brother you don't know.
I will hold on, I won't let go.
I'll remember you. I'll remember you.

We'll speak for those who cannot speak for themselves.
The precious soul, we won't leave on the shelves.
We sleep, while they weep, from a distant shore.
They're dying. Who are you living for?

Let Your Love come pour upon this place?
Jesus, show Your justice, show your grace.
The cry of the suffering will not go unheard,
according to the promise of Your Word.

One day, we'll walk the streets of gold.
That's how this story will unfold.
I'll remember you. I'll remember you.

'Til then, you're always on my heart.
Chains cannot keep us apart.
I'll remember you.

Listen, can you hear the sound,
The Church that gathers underground.
Please remember them. Please remember them.

I'll plant a seed, I'll watch it grow.
I'll work to let the whole world know.
I'll remember you.

I hear your cries when I'm awake.
You're suffering for Jesus' sake.
testifying in chains,
testifying in chains,
testifying in chains,
testifying in chains.

music/lyrics/vocals: kris kemp
adittional vocals: viviana lang

note from creators: This song was written on a solo trip from Jupiter, Florida to Denver, Colorado, done in a 33-hour stretch. This song is written from the point of view of a Christian in the United States who is praying for a sister in Christ who is being persecuted in another country. Basically, they're praying for each other, and looking forward to seeing each other in Heaven. At the end of the song, she refuses to deny Christ, and dies for her faith in God.

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