Sunday, August 12, 2007

Eager to be with Him?

It's amazing how much I've learned from my dog over the years. I guess God knows that sometimes I need the simple things of the world to get His lessons through my head!

Our dog, George, is an 11-year-old mixed large breed dog. He came into our hearts and lives when he was only 2 1/2 weeks old...we literally had to wake him up from falling asleep in his milk. He's always been more comfortable with people than other animals, and as he has aged we've seen an increased dependence on us, an increase dissatisfaction when we are away.

He's always had his own bed, but would sleep in our room (on the floor) if there were storms which frighten him, or if it was too cold outside, or any other excuse one of us could muster. A few weeks ago we made a momentous decision: George is old, hurting, and alone while we are at work, and so we will let him sleep in our room every night.

Now, George may be old, but believe me, you CAN teach an old dog new tricks! He has quickly picked up the pattern and knows at night when it's time to go to bed. Despite his pain from hip dysplasia, he wiggles around like a puppy when we tell him "okay" and allow him to go into our room and onto his spot right next to the bed.

Last night, his eagerness and expectation got me to thinking: isn't this how God wants me to be? George is eager to be with us - no matter what we're doing he is right there. Am I eager to be with God? George expects that we will call him into the room and he'll be in our presence - do I expect God to call me to Him during my quiet time?

Beyond that - am I growing more, or less, dependent on God as the years go by? Am I satisfied when He seems far away? Or do I anxiously anticipate that next time of intimacy, feeling something is wrong unless I'm at His side?

The simple things of the world - yet a deep truth for me.

Draw us close Lord - and let us never be more eager and expectant than when we get to be right next to Your side.

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