Sunday, July 29, 2007

Like a little child ...

Jesus said that we must come to the Father like a little child. What that tells me is that however deep I go in my understanding of God's Word, I must always increase in simplicity in my relationship with God.

That's hard to wrap my mind around sometime, and so I love quotes like this one from C.J. Mahaney:

"We never move on from the cross ... only to a deeper understanding of the cross."

Like a little child ... my Sunday School teacher told a story this morning. His 3-year-old grandson had to have a medical procedure and drink a lot of liquid in preparation. The parents motivated him by telling him Pawpaw had that same test. As he struggled to drink the preparation, he would say, "Pawpaw will be proud of me, won't he momma?"

Like a little child ... moving to a deeper understanding of the cross, imitating our Lord, and seeking to make Him proud.

It's hard out there. Your struggles are on levels I have a hard time comprehending. But this I know: you will not go wrong to be more childlike in your difficulties today.

It's what pleases your Father.

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