Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Why Prayer?

You are on the field, so you know that prayer works. You may have even commented, "I don't know why, but things happen when I pray that simply don't happen when I fail to pray." I've noticed the same thing!

Over the past several years God has helped me develop somewhat of a "theology of prayer". What I share here are notes I keep in the front of my prayer journal as a reminder of why I take that time each morning. Although I don't have the Scriptures noted, I jotted each one down after discovering it in Bible study times (and some day will formally write them down). May God help you learn from what He has taught me as you get a glimpse into my prayer journal.

The Purpose of My Prayer Life

1. Dependence on God. Prayer serves as a reminder that it's not up to me to solve the problems around me.

2. Humility. Prayer reminds me how many things only God can do.

3. Glory of God. God is glorified when we ask and He answers. Here is the power of united prayer: The more people who ask, the more glory God gets as the answer is passed along.

4. Theology. Prayer is where theology meets reality. When I turn Scripture into prayer, I come to grasp the doctrine better.

5. Faith. Prayer helps me to grow in faith.

6. Prayer gives me the mind of Christ.

7. Praying God's promises is His means of allowing me to share in the victory that is certain.

8. Power. Prayer gives me power as I walk in obedience.

9. Joy. Isa. 65:7 tells me there is joy in the house of prayer.

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